Health, Safety and Environment

Our Commitment

Maynard Marks fosters an environment of ongoing commitment to health and safety through our specifically designed Health and Safety Management System – Our P4Z management system adopts streamline solutions to risk assessment of hazards in our workplaces, working through practical control mechanisms that comply with Health & Safety at Work legislation

Effective Health and Safety Strategy

Plan for Zero Harm has been developed specifically for Maynard Marks, because we believe that an effective Health and Safety management system should be driven by our people based on what we deliver every day. When considering the safety of our staff, clients, contractors, subconsultants and the general public we believe that simplicity is key and as such we follow 4 fundamental principles.

Identifying the Hazard: We focus on the critical hazards associated with our operational activity, ensuring our Health and Safety strategy is current, relevant and involves everyone at Maynard Marks. We understand that Hazard identification is ongoing and that every new undertaking involves new hazards.
Assessing the Associated Risks: We provide our staff with appropriate training and resources to ensure everyone understands how to effectively asses risks and develop controls that matter out in the field.
Controlling the Risk: Planning for Zero harm is practiced daily at Maynard Marks by all field-based staff.  Site-Specific Safety Plans are required on all our jobs and these are dynamic documents, because we know that each job is unique, and every day brings new challenges. Planning for Zero Harm is ongoing through all stages of our projects.
Reviewing the Controls:  In addition to compliance-based reviews of all of our operational protocols and associated job safety analysis’, we promote open and honest discussion about Health and Safety. When our staff identify that a control could be improved, we listen, act and follow through.


We capture and monitor all of our leading and lagging Health and Safety key performance indicators to ensure we identify trends quickly. We measure data in relation to all Health and Safety training, employee representation, the quantity and quality of Site-Specific Safety plans, incident and near miss reporting and corrective actions. By measuring our Health and Safety data on a monthly basis we can provide easy to understand reporting to all of our staff as well as assist our management team to set annual Health and Safety objectives that are relevant, inclusive and ensure our Plan for Zero harm framework continually improves.


Employee Involvement

We attribute the success of our Plan for Zero harm management system to the active involvement of our employees. All departments and branches are represented and actively contribute to the ongoing development and review of all our Health and Safety processes, protocols and ongoing activities. By meeting monthly our departments stay connected, sharing valuable lessons learned, celebrating innovation and ensuring the conversation about Health and Safety remains front of mind. Maynard Marks provides a dedicated inbox for all Health and Safety concerns, ensuring staff can easily and confidentially report incidents and raise concerns further promoting Plan for Zero harm, as a resource that belongs to everyone.


Compliance and Accreditation

We understand our legal responsibility as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) in relation to the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 and such maintain up to date compliance protocols for every aspect of Health & Safety management from document control, training, and emergency preparedness right through to incident reporting/investigation and contractor management. To demonstrate our dedication to compliance we maintain current certification with Impac Prequal and SiteWise.

Value to our Clients

Putting it simply we are experts in our field, and not only do we know how to deliver the best service to our clients, we know how to deliver it with safety at the forefront of everything we do.