Quantity Surveying

If you want to ensure your building project aligns to your budget our quantity surveying cost consultancy specialists can help.

Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll help you to effectively manage costs at every stage:

  • During the design stage we’ll cost alternative design options so that you obtain efficiencies without compromising the design or performance of the building and we’ll help you to set a realistic, structured budget for the construction works.
  • We can manage the procurement or tendering process to ensure you obtain accurate, reasonable and comparable prices from tenderers. This includes dealing with qualifications and exclusions up front, in order to remove or, at the very least significantly reduce, uncertainty. This helps to eliminate cost overruns and surprises.
  • During the construction stage we’ll act as your representative in relation to financial matters. This provides you with protection by ensuring that you only pay for work that has been completed and that progress claims are made and certified in accordance with the contract and relevant legislation.

You can be confident that you’ll get accurate and robust costing information and advice for your next building project from initial reporting, to design development, procurement and during construction.

If you are planning a construction project and would like input to ensure you are fully informed and that construction works are accurately costed, please contact us on T: +64 9 912 2550 or E: office@maynardmarks.co.nz

We can help you with the following:

  • Feasibility appraisals and early cost advice based upon preliminary information.
  • Detailed cost planning including evaluation of alternative materials and construction techniques during design development to establish a budget, and to ensure you get value for money whilst remaining compliant with the original design brief.
  • Cost control from budget to final account.
  • Advice on procurement methods and contractual procedures.
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation.
  • Analysis and reporting on tenders received.
  • Negotiation with tenderers and agreement of contract sum and specific contract terms.
  • Valuation of works carried out and certification of payment claims, preparation of anticipated final expenditure reports during construction and agreement of final account.
  • Acting as Employers Representative on design and build contracts.
  • Preparation of employers requirements to enable design and build tenders to be obtained.
  • Advice relating to contractual disputes and negotiation and agreement of financial claims resulting from them.
  • Independent expert witness relating to litigation between parties to a construction contract.
  • Cost estimation for insurance valuation purposes.
  • Loss assessment for damage to buildings for insurance claims.
  • Planned maintenance cost forecast and life cycle costing.
  • Financial monitoring for draw down when a bank or other financial institution is providing funding for a project.

Cost estimation

For budget or funding purposes it is important to understand what your Project is likely to cost you, what your re-build sum should be in the event of a total loss for insurance purposes or what maintenance costs you will need to budget for.

Getting either a high level estimate of cost or a detailed elemental cost estimate enables you to make decisions on the feasibility and direction of your project, what insurance value is right and what level of maintenance fund you should set aside.

Value engineering

As you are conceiving your project you will want to know you are making the right decisions with the design from a costing perspective. The costing of options at conception and during the building phase will ensure you make appropriate informed decisions.

Cost control and financial monitoring

During the construction phase of a project it is essential to understand how costs are tracking. Frequently projects experience some kind of cost variation, whether that be a result of additional works or requests for extensions of time, so effective financial management during a project is important. If there are funding requirements then you and the financial institution lending funds will require an accurate assessment to understand what work has been completed in order to be informed of the correct level of drawdown and interim payment that needs to be made.

Building contracts and disputes

To avoid potential penalties resulting from breach of contract, it’s vital to make correct and timely payments to your Contractor and to abide by Contractual and Legal obligations.  When things go wrong robust expert opinion and advice is crucial.


A robust and tailored procurement process will enable you to determine which contractor is the most appropriate for your project and to know what you’re going to be paying up front. This helps to ensure that delivery of your project is to the specified standards, is on time and within budget.

If you are planning a construction project and would like input to ensure you are fully informed and that construction works are accurately costed, please contact us on T: +64 9 912 2550 or E: office@maynardmarks.co.nz