Malcolm is a Registered Building Surveyor who spent over a decade working for Auckland Council and the former Auckland City Council Environments Department. This provided him with a sound knowledge and expertise in the NZ Building Code 1991 and the Building Act 2004, as well as a good understanding of local government legislation, council practices and constraints. As a result he is well equipped to assist clients to negotiate their way through the red tape.

Malcolm has assessed numerous buildings for compliance with legislative requirements and has actively participated in many determinations. He has a proven track record working with home owners, consultants, engineers, builders and other professionals to bring resolution for property owners in difficult and trying circumstances.

Prior to Auckland Council, Malcolm was involved in residential and commercial projects in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland in the roles of Builder, Foreman and Site Manager. These roles required leadership, planning and the ability to deliver projects that complied with local building codes and health and safety regulations. This practical, hands-on site experience means Malcolm can assess whether proposed solutions will work on site and are buildable. This knowledge is extremely valuable to clients because it ensures buildings are constructed in a robust manner and enables him to suggest better alternatives, where required.

At Maynard Marks Malcolm helps commercial and residential building owners and managers, schools and government agencies by providing a range of professional Building Surveying services including technical due diligence, condition surveys, diagnosing building defects and remediation and maintenance activity advice. He also undertakes design review, expert witness work and construction monitoring.

Malcolm is motivated by his desire to improve New Zealand’s building stock, and he prides himself on his ability to help clients to effectively future proof their buildings. Having dealt with numerous legacy leaky buildings, Malcolm understands how and why buildings fail. He is able to bring multiple parties on a project together and to draw on the necessary expertise to give owners closure.


  • National Diploma in Building Control Surveying
  • Workplace Assessor
  • Trade Certificate in Carpentry
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Sociology