Dylan is a Project Manager in our Education Team. He offers a solution focused attitude and is dedicated to helping identify and resolve problems as effectively and efficiently as possible. He successfully delivers end-to-end projects for schools in the Auckland region.

Dylan communicates clearly with clients, understands their needs and works out how best to meet them. He is qualified as a Mechanical Engineer, which has honed his analytical and mathematical skills, making him an exceptional problem-solver.

Dylan joined Maynard Marks in late 2017, initially working across the Environmental Services and Building Surveying teams. As a result, he gained valuable insights into the areas of asbestos management and defective buildings, both of which regularly feature at schools. As a result of this experience Dylan knows how to make sure asbestos containing materials are handled safely and within legislative requirements, keeping school staff, students and visitors safe. He also understands what investigations are needed to identify defects at school buildings so that issues can be properly resolved.

Dylan’s current role involves him project managing 10YPP and 5YA projects; providing specialist information and guidance around the handling of asbestos, weathertightness and design issues; assisting schools to outline scopes of work and services needed for construction projects; undertaking consultant and contractor procurement; helping schools secure funding from the Ministry of Education by handling MOE forms and processes; preparing minor, medium and major works contracts (using MOE templates) and providing guidance on these; as well as undertaking site inspections, managing construction contracts and project finances.

Dylan enjoys supporting schools and other education establishments to provide healthy, sustainable, innovative and high-quality learning facilities for the benefit of current and future generations. His goal is for all kids, regardless of their background, to have access to a quality education which allows them to realise their potential and dreams in inspirational facilities that teach them about sustainability, a subject close to his heart.


  • Master of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering