Joseph is a skilled project manager with a civil and structural engineering background, who specialises in the education sector. Having been fascinated by construction for as long as he can remember, Joseph takes pride in his contribution to projects. He has a passion for project management work as this allows him to combine his engineering and people skills. Prior to joining Maynard Marks, Joseph worked as a project manager on a variety of public sector projects including housing, prisons, airports and a range of civil projects.

Joseph’s degree in engineering gives him the technical background required to interpret design drawings, ensuring design meets the brief. Being mathematically inclined and an excel spreadsheet expert, Joseph is competent in managing and tracking project costs and aims to keep things within budget. He adopts a no surprises approach, clearly communicating with the client and working closely with consultants and contractors to ensure the project is delivered to meet or exceed each client’s expectations.

Joseph enjoys applying his project management skills to education projects, taking into account the Ministry of Education processes and requirements. He has assisted schools on end-to-end phases of 10YPP and 5YA projects including planning, design, procurement, contracts, construction and close-out phases and is adept at preparing the correct contract, utilising the appropriate MOE template, for both consultants and contractors. He understands that effectively scoping projects is vital to ensuring a quality outcome. For this reason, Joseph asks the client appropriate questions during the planning phase. By understanding what the client wants, he can procure the right consultant and contractor for the project.

Joseph is programme and cost driven, with the ability to draft programmes and a budget tracker for his clients using Microsoft Projects and Excel spreadsheets. This allows the client and project team to easily track a project’s progress and to see which sequential steps follow, assisting with communication and keeping all parties accountable.

Having been born and raised in New Zealand, and with a strong appreciation of the school and education system, Joseph wants all schools to provide a safe environment and quality learning to all students. His goal is to assist in providing students the opportunity to further their education beyond their school years, as these students are the future of NZ.


  • Bachelor of Civil and Structural Engineering.