Building Surveying

Building surveyors are involved in the design, construction and management of buildings. We’re trained to understand buildings and to help manage technical issues that could arise with them throughout their lifecycle.

Our work is wide-ranging (as you can see from our list of services) and we can help at all stages of a building lifecycle:

  • new/planned buildings
  • existing buildings
  • defective buildings
  • heritage buildings

Building surveying is a relatively new profession in New Zealand. But it’s not internationally!

Historically, building stock in New Zealand has been seen as temporary. Now that the stock is starting to age, surveyors are increasingly needed to assist with the ongoing maintenance of buildings.

Building surveyors are the ONLY professionals who understand both the design and construction of buildings. By using a surveyor instead of other professionals you’ll save money and get a better service because things won’t fall through the cracks.

If you would like to talk to us about your project or discuss your issue, please contact us on T: +64 9 912 2550 or E: