Structural Engineering

If you want robust, effective structural engineering advice, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Structural/seismic assessments
  • Structural engineering design
  • Structural engineering peer review
  • Structural design of building façade elements
  • Structural defect inspections and remedial design
  • Structural design of small bridges, culverts etc.
  • Structural design of temporary works for construction.
  • Expert Witness services

You can expect:

  • A structural or seismic assessment based on your building’s behaviour rather than an overly conservative assessment that costs you unnecessarily.
  • Structural solutions that work in with the architectural designs.
  • Structural designs that keep your key drivers front and centre. For example if you want to increase yield we will look for ways to increase useable space or create an additional storey.
  • A collaborative approach to working with your project team.
  • That we will determine the root cause of any structural defects in order to design an appropriate, effective solution.
If you would like to talk to us about your project or an issue you’re facing, please contact us on T: +64 9 912 2550 or E: