As part of our sustainability focus and desire to give back to the local community, we recently donated 35 laptops that we no longer required, but were in perfect working order to two high schools with whom we work – James Cook High School and Waiuku College.

Both schools have BYOD requirements in place. James Cook High School has decided to ensure all 1,300 students in their school have a device. Waiuku College runs an equity programme, and will provide the laptops to students who cannot afford a device – enabling them to study from home where needed.

This is a great way to ensure more students have access to the equipment they need to effectively learn and to recycle electronic devices as we upgrade.

From L to R: Shyam Baird (Project Manager, Education), Philip Doyle (Business Manager, James Cook High School), Danica McPhee (Associate Director – Project Manager, Education)

Donating laptops to Waiuku College

From L to R: Danica McPhee (Associate Director – Project Manager, Education); Charlotte Veale (Associate Project Manager, Education); Brian Perry (Business Manager, Waiuku College); Stuart Kelly (Principal, Waiuku College)