Providing lead expert witness services and successfully remediating the large 83 unit townhouse development

Mountainview Village, Mt Eden, Auckland

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The Body Corporate of Mountview Village apartments, situated at the base of Mount Eden, faced significant leaky building issues that required attention. However, a High Court claim had to be resolved before any remedial work could commence.

The project:

We were engaged by the Body Corporate to provide re-clad solutions and project manage the repairs in designated stages, after the Body Corporate successfully obtained settlement funding. Our initial mandate was to review the previous consultants' work, assess available information, and conduct additional investigations into the cause and extent of the building defects.

As lead expert witnesses, we played a crucial role in achieving a successful settlement of the long-standing High Court legal claim. Leveraging our specialist knowledge of the root causes of building defects, we developed a remedial approach to address the issues at hand.


Our value add:

Given the tight timeframe, we worked diligently to procure consultants and produce design packages that enabled staged construction to commence in line with the client's program. We ensured that all necessary building and resource consents were obtained to exacting requirements, working closely with multiple stakeholders to enable successful staged re-occupation at the completion of the remedial works. We engaged and managed all necessary consultants to deliver fully costed architecturally designed remedial solutions that not only resolved the defects but also enhanced the building's aesthetics, providing value to the owners.

We added significant value to the Mountview Village project by providing a comprehensive remedial approach that resolved the building defects and enhanced the building's aesthetics, procuring consultants within a tight timeframe, and managing the project effectively to achieve successful staged re-occupation.