Expert determination

If you have a lease, building or construction-related dispute, regarding either contractual or technical matters, and want a swift resolution, we can provide a technical expert determination.

Expert determination is a consensual process by which parties to a contract and/or dispute agree to refer matters to an independent person to decide. It’s a simple and cost-effective means of binding dispute resolution that can help to preserve business relationships, and prevent parties being tied up in prolonged and costly litigation.

Our vast expert level knowledge of property and construction, our high professional standards and our independence means that we are well placed to provide clear, concise, impartial technical assessments.

You can expect us to conduct an appropriate level of investigation, taking into account any comments and evidence provided by the parties, contracts and relevant technical documentation and provide a robust and balanced determination. We will provide a report, setting out our brief, methodology for any investigation, details of the documents reviewed, an analysis of the facts and the determination.

If you’d like to know more, or to engage us in this role, please contact us on T: +64 9 912 2550 or E: