Leaky Buildings / Weathertightness

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If you suspect you own, or are involved with, a leaky or defective building or think you have a weathertightness issue, our team of architects, building surveyors, quantity surveyors, project managers and structural engineers can help at all stages of the process. 

Following an initial investigation into weathertightness risk, we provide you with a comprehensive report setting out the defects, damage and estimated cost to repair your property based on the information obtained during our site investigation and findings from our specialist sub-consultants. 

If you’re looking to pursue a legal claim, we can provide advice around the responsibility and failure of responsibility of the various parties involved in the construction of the property and can provide technical support to your legal adviser. This information can be used as evidence to support your legal claim. 

Once we’ve completed the initial investigations and estimated the repair budget, we can facilitate the design process, provide quantity surveying services, and project manage (or administer) the contract for the remedial repairs.

Services we provide for leaky/defective buildings include:

  • Architectural services
  • Building pathology/defect reporting
  • Building surveying
  • Construction monitoring/observations/quality assurance
  • Dispute resolution and expert witness
  • Expert determination 
  • Joint expert conferral facilitation
  • Project management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Structural engineering
  • 3D digital twin services

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If you have a leaky building/weathertightness-related issue or project you'd like to talk to us about, call our Auckland office on T: +64 9 912 2550, Wellington on T: +64 4 282 0650 or Christchurch on T: +64 3 379 1773 or E: office@maynardmarks.co.nz