Weathertightness investigation and defect diagnosis

Our initial weather investigations for a home/property owner or body corporate typically involve:

  • a detailed review of any information in the possession of the owner(s), including any previous reports
  • a review of the council property file to compare the as-built situation with the original building consent for the construction or alteration of a property
  • a detailed site investigation to determine defects and damage and to develop an appropriate scope of remedial repairs
  • analysis of timber and other building material samples, to confirm and identify the presence of decay species and certain fungi and moulds, as well as the presence of any preservative treatment in timber framing (we engage the services of a specialist laboratory to do this)
  • a registered quantity surveyor with weathertightness remediation experience calculating the costs of a scope of repairs as determined by us. This forms the budget for the works moving forward.

What do you get?

You’ll then receive a comprehensive report setting out the defects, damage and estimated cost to repair the property based on the information obtained during our site investigation, and findings from our specialist sub-consultants.

If you’re looking to pursue a legal claim, we will provide advice about the responsibility and failure of responsibility of the various parties involved in the construction of the property and provide technical support to your legal adviser.

This information can be used as evidence in a situation where a legal claim is being pursued prior to the repair of a building or complex.

Once we’ve completed the initial investigations and estimated the repair budget, we can facilitate the design process and project manage (or administer) the contract for the remedial repairs.

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