If you want robust, structural engineering advice that’s practical and efficient, then you need to talk to us. Our team have broad experience encompassing both design and construction from the perspective of consultant, constructor and asset owner. This means that you can rely on solutions that are structurally efficient, practical and buildable.

We can help with the following:

Structural/seismic assessments

We can carry out structural assessments (including seismic assessments) of your building ranging from a high-level inspection and review of documentation through to a detailed analysis, to give you a clear idea of the structural condition and capacity of your building. We have a sound understanding of how buildings work, and our holistic approach will add value to your building assessment by ensuring it is based on your building’s behaviour. Our team have already used their understanding of building behaviour to identify overly conservative seismic assessments that can result in higher costs than necessary for building owners.

Structural engineering design

We bring a Total Design integrated approach to the structural design of buildings. We aim to seamlessly blend the structure with the architecture and in doing so develop elegant and efficient structural solutions. This means we will do our utmost to make the structure work with the design rather than having to adapt the architecture to the structural elements. When designing structures, we keep your key drivers front and centre – for example, if you wish to increase yield, we will look for ways to increase the number of floors or maximise floor area through innovative design.

Structural engineering peer review

Our attention to detail and holistic approach to buildings will add value to your project through the peer review process. We will work collaboratively with the design engineers through a mutually beneficial process, which brings benefit through improved structural solutions, rather than simply ‘ticking the peer review box’. A peer review may be a regulatory requirement for your project or may add value to your design by challenging the thinking of your design team and providing a clear focus on your key drivers.

Structural design of building façade elements

We are experienced at dealing with all aspects of the building envelope/façade and our structural engineering team is no different. Because we understand the weathertightness aspects of the façade we are well placed to design a structural solution for your building’s façade that complements the weathertightness and architectural design features.

Structural defect inspections and remedial design

We have the experience and knowledge to not only identify structural defects but also determine the root cause of these and design an appropriate and effective remedial solution. We have helped numerous owners of existing buildings successfully resolve structural defects in their properties. We can provide expert witness services if your issues relate to a legal claim or dispute.

Structural design of small bridges, culverts etc

With experience in the design and construction of civil structures including road bridges and box culverts for local councils and property access bridges, our team are well placed to assist you with the best structural solution for your small civil structure.

Structural design of temporary works for construction

Temporary works on a construction site can introduce a high level of risk when not designed and installed properly. Our team’s construction experience means that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to design efficient and effective temporary works solutions that are safe and that work well with your construction methodology.

Expert Witness Service

We are regularly engaged in building and construction related disputes providing expert Structural Engineering advice. Disputes that we might be commissioned to provide expert advice, range from design and construction related matters to earthquake claims. Our team are recognised experts and are regularly engaged by a range of stakeholders, including insurance companies, property owners and occupiers and government departments. Our robust and rounded experience is of assistance to the dispute resolution process ensuring that sound independent advice is tabled in a manner that is clear and understandable, which enables parties to the dispute to appreciate the facts