Jack has substantial, environmental consulting, asbestos surveying and air monitoring experience across a wide variety of building types and ages including large scale commercial portfolios, industrial manufacturing plants, defence sites and residential properties. This includes delivering asbestos awareness training to various clients and demonstrating how asbestos laboratory analysis is carried out. He also has experience in the management of other hazardous materials including synthetic mineral fibres, PCBs, lead, ozone depleting substances and contaminated land abatement for asbestos and other contaminants.

In addition, Jack has been involved in general property risk assessments, which enables him to consider other areas of concern for building owners.

Through his time spent in laboratory, field and quality assurance-based roles, Jack has gained an extensive knowledge of New Zealand asbestos legislation and industry best practice. Having previously been employed in a number of IANZ-accredited laboratories, Jack attained status as a key technical person for the industry standard methods required for analysis of both bulk material and air filter samples for the presence of asbestos. His laboratory experience means he has an excellent knowledge of how to identify asbestos visually and how to take samples in a way that makes it easy for the lab to analyse.

At Maynard Marks Jack is involved in the full range of asbestos-related services including asbestos management surveys, asbestos management plans, demolition and/or refurbishment surveys, background air monitoring and assisting with clearance certificates. He also reviews clients’ asbestos documents from a quality assurance perspective and provides general asbestos related consultancy advice.

Jack enjoys the diverse, challenging nature of his work. He forms strong working relationships with clients and prides himself on open communication, listening to client requirements and tailoring his service to each client’s needs. Jack values honesty and integrity and takes pride in carrying out his work in the correct way to a high standard. His ethos is one of continuous improvement through training, adopting new technical procedures and learning from colleagues.


  • NZ – Licensed Asbestos Assessor
  • IP402 – Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings (BOHS)
  • IP404 – Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos (BOHS)
  • Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology/Earth Sciences