Shyam Baird

As a Project Manager within our Education team, Shyam has a demonstrated ability in performing demanding tasks efficiently and effectively, producing high quality results in the process. Motivated by continuous improvement in process, Shyam aims to provide innovative solutions to solving problems by finding the most advantageous and practical methods of working, to the overall satisfaction of our clients.

Shyam has excellent interpersonal skills and liaises closely with clients, key stakeholders, and the project team to ensure objectives are fully understood and met. His open and transparent approach to communication helps to ensure the project is delivered to, or beyond, expectations.

Before joining the Education team, Shyam spent two years working within the Maynard Marks Architectural team. During this time, he became intimately familiar with the design process, learning the importance of robust consultant management, which he now brings to his projects to ensure successful delivery. His family background in the educational sector provides him with the additional insight into the internal workings of our schooling system, along with a balanced understanding and perspective when dealing with schools and their needs.

Shyam enjoys delivering solutions that provide schools with the sustainable and high-quality learning environments needed by both current students and future generations.


  • Bachelor of Commerce